Monday, 12 December 2016

December - time for Turquoise

The craziest month of the year is in full swing! While most of us are running around decorating trees, planning Christmas dinners and attempting to get last minute presents to fill stockings, there are some out there who are baffled at the thought of needing to buy for December birthdays. Fear not - Essential is here for you in your most stressful hour of need! This month's birthstone is the beautiful Turquoise; a gorgeously bright, ever-popular stone that is favoured by many.
Suitable for any age, turquoise is particularly traditional in Native American jewellery, and has been said to protect travellers and promotes ambition and creativity in the wearer. Here at Essential, we have a beautiful range of sterling silver jewellery that incorporates this stunning stone, including a range of jewellery titled Navajo, inspired by the stone's North American origins. Natural turquoise can vary in vibrance, depending on how much copper is present in the ground it has formed in. Our selection of the gem ranges from sky-blue to sea-green colouring, both with and without inflections.

A guaranteed winner for any girl this winter, our pieces include this beautiful ring (top left, £38), this lovely large pendant (right £19.99), a range of dreamcatcher earrings (left, £22.99) and colourful, detailed studs (bottom right, £10.99) which are all currently available in store and online now. Order them or visit us on the highstreet to grab them before they're gone!

Friday, 4 November 2016

November - the month of the Topaz

November has arrived and it's about that time again! Our birthstone of choice this month is the gorgeous Topaz - an elegant, sparkling stone that would suit any occasion. The gorgeous stone makes the perfect gift for any girl, and is said to strengthen the mind, increase wisdom and restore mental clarity. Historically, much like Sapphire, Topaz has frequently been used in jewellery worn by royalty.

Here at Essential, we stock a range of sterling silver jewellery in the beautiful blue variety of Topaz. Delicate, simple designs for everyday sparkle come in the form of dainty pendants (top left, £9.99), while we also have dressy earring designs (right, £19.99) perfect for any kind of night. If you're after a little more sparkle, fret not - our blue Topaz rings (bottom left, £38) have enough Cubic Zirconia to ensure you sparkle through the dark months of winter to come! With styles to suit every November girl, there is sure to be something in store for your loved one this month.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

October - the month of the Opal

October is now in full swing and that means it is time to introduce the birthstone of the month! Opal is a stunning, iridescent stone that shines with many illustrious colours. Said to enhance self-esteem and confidence of wearers, the gorgeous, fiery stones are naturally found in places like Australia. Contrary to popular belief, opals are not bad luck - they make the perfect accessory that would beautifully accompany any outfit, day or night.

Just in time for all the October birthdays, we have recently had a delivery of some new lines in our opal range. Including opals in both white and blue, we have many pieces in interesting and unique designs. With rings (see top, £48), earrings (left, £15), bracelets and pendants (right, £10.99), our vast collection of solid silver opal jewellery is sure to hold something special for your birthday girl in mind. Our Navajo range also includes some opal, with Native American-inspired designs for every personal style. Find the pieces in store or online. Happy shopping!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hello Autumn!

September has flown past and here we are at the turn of the season - Autumn welcomes us with sweater weather and beautiful seasonal colours! To accompany the leaves changing, we have got some gorgeous autumnal designs in store. In our sterling silver collection, we have a range of pendants depicting the tree of life, which make perfect gifts that accent any outfit this side of Christmas - pictured here is our popular celtic-style version (top right). Enhance your natural beauty too, with our collection of leaf, bird and acorn designs, which can be found on our website.

Another great autumnal accessory is the beautiful stone, Amber. This interesting, archaic stone is actually fossilised tree resin, and holds years of history in its inclusions. Amber has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, and is said to have healing qualities such as easing stress and helps to balance emotions and clear the mind. At Essential we have a large range of amber jewellery - with designs that complement the uniqueness of this stone, our pieces make fantastic additions to your wardrobe this September. Our popular amber bangle (left) and oxidised amber ring (bottom right) are just some of the designs you'll find in our stores today!

Friday, 9 September 2016

September - the month of the Sapphire

September has dawned upon us and for those of you who don't know, this month's birthstone is the beautiful, sparkling sapphire. A deep blue stone, sapphire was historically used to preserve chastity and to protect wearers from ailments such as skin conditions and fevers.

In modern day, it is a stone that represents wisdom and wealth, often featured in the jewellery of monarchs (think Lady Di's ring). Here at Essential we - though we are no outlet to royalty - have our own range of sapphire-inspired accessories, including sterling silver earrings, pendants and rings. Pictured here are a pair of our dazzling rounded-stone earrings framed with micro-set cubic zirconia (left) and a matching oval-shaped pendant on a sterling silver twisted curb chain (right). These items make great gifts for birthday girls this month or are even popular as accents to an elegant ensemble. They are the perfect accessory to take an outfit from day to night and are sure to sparkle all evening long. Visit us in store to get your hands on them now!