Friday, 4 November 2016

November - the month of the Topaz

November has arrived and it's about that time again! Our birthstone of choice this month is the gorgeous Topaz - an elegant, sparkling stone that would suit any occasion. The gorgeous stone makes the perfect gift for any girl, and is said to strengthen the mind, increase wisdom and restore mental clarity. Historically, much like Sapphire, Topaz has frequently been used in jewellery worn by royalty.

Here at Essential, we stock a range of sterling silver jewellery in the beautiful blue variety of Topaz. Delicate, simple designs for everyday sparkle come in the form of dainty pendants (top left, £9.99), while we also have dressy earring designs (right, £19.99) perfect for any kind of night. If you're after a little more sparkle, fret not - our blue Topaz rings (bottom left, £38) have enough Cubic Zirconia to ensure you sparkle through the dark months of winter to come! With styles to suit every November girl, there is sure to be something in store for your loved one this month.