Monday, 12 December 2016

December - time for Turquoise

The craziest month of the year is in full swing! While most of us are running around decorating trees, planning Christmas dinners and attempting to get last minute presents to fill stockings, there are some out there who are baffled at the thought of needing to buy for December birthdays. Fear not - Essential is here for you in your most stressful hour of need! This month's birthstone is the beautiful Turquoise; a gorgeously bright, ever-popular stone that is favoured by many.
Suitable for any age, turquoise is particularly traditional in Native American jewellery, and has been said to protect travellers and promotes ambition and creativity in the wearer. Here at Essential, we have a beautiful range of sterling silver jewellery that incorporates this stunning stone, including a range of jewellery titled Navajo, inspired by the stone's North American origins. Natural turquoise can vary in vibrance, depending on how much copper is present in the ground it has formed in. Our selection of the gem ranges from sky-blue to sea-green colouring, both with and without inflections.

A guaranteed winner for any girl this winter, our pieces include this beautiful ring (top left, £38), this lovely large pendant (right £19.99), a range of dreamcatcher earrings (left, £22.99) and colourful, detailed studs (bottom right, £10.99) which are all currently available in store and online now. Order them or visit us on the highstreet to grab them before they're gone!